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Glass thermometer profile

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Glass thermometer is a kind of artificial fire, priming, etc more than ten way process produced, the price is cheap, measurement accuracy, easy to use, no power of traditional temperature measurement products. In the production and life of the widely application. To round bar or triangular rod glass as raw materials, in order to mercury or organic solution (kerosene, alcohol, etc.) as a thermal fluid, making a suitable for the different needs of various products. From the use method to distinguish between, can be divided into full immersion thermometer draw immersion thermometer two kinds, full immersion thermometer in the measurement of liquid need glass thermometer all into the analyte, bureau immersion type just dip thermometer specified in the designated position can; From scale surface form and can be divided into acid etching degree and silk screen scale, acid etching degree is a kind of corrosion carving technology, will scale value written in the glass rod, silk screen scale using screen printing process will be digital line graphics printed on the glass, and then after heat treatment formed a reddish-brown, such as black color glazed effect, acid and alkali resistant oil corrosion, do not fade, never wear.

  Glass  thermometer is usually straight type, also can according to the needs of users making all kinds of Angle. With organic liquid for temperature liquid glass thermometer can measure - 100 ~ + 200 ℃ temperature within, and mercury thermometer can measure - 30 ~ + 600 ℃ temperature within.