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Glass thermometer applications

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In order to avoid the use of industrial glass thermometer is break up, outside the glass tube, usually made ​​of metal protection tube to reveal only the scale part reading for the operator.
In general, the glass thermometer easy to use, reliable precision glass tube liquid thermometer is the most widely used of a thermometer, and its structure is simple, easy to use, high accuracy, low price. By end-use classification, can be divided into industrial standards and laboratories in three.
Standard glass thermometer is a complete set of supply can be used as a test ** thermometer with accuracy up to 0.05 to 0.1 degrees Celsius; similar forms and standards of laboratory glass thermometer accuracy is also higher.
That is to say that there are Glass thermometers its different uses, and can be divided into two types of mercury and organic liquid. Mercury thermometer can measure temperatures less than -30 +500 ℃, organic liquid is red, the measured temperature less than -100 +200 ℃ Glass thermometers according to user needs, the production of various lengths thermometer, can produce up to 3 meters . Different the rod glass thermometer according to their shape, can be divided into a straight (WNG/WNY-01), 90 ° (WNG/WNY-02), and 135 ° (WNG/WNY-03) three kinds.
Finally, in normal circumstances, the inner diameter of the glass thermometer is finer, the thermal expansion and contraction is more obvious, it is also more accurate the glass thermometer finer diameter, the thermal expansion and contraction, the more obvious the more precise.