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Bimetal thermometer works

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The bimetallic thermometer working principle is to use two different temperature expansion coefficient of the metal welded on one end to a fixed point, the other end when the temperature changes distort, to convert it into the pointer deflection angle, indicating that the temperature. Pulling bimetallic temperature sensing element can be protected from the outside out of the pipe replacement, is the most widely used field indicating thermometer.
Integrated thermometer (transmitter) of the the bimetal thermal resistance (even) and the electrical contacts pumping integrated thermometer and transmitter core protection bimetallic thermal resistance (even), it sets in on the basis of the bimetal thermometer products tube in parallel with a loaded armored thermal resistance (even) instrument. Use this form either on-site clearly see the indicated value, but also the remote signal to the control room. Platinum resistance Pt100, K-type E-type thermocouple signal transmitted to the control room signal The transmitter 4-20mA standard signal, played the role of dual-use a table. The use of this table may be less in the pipeline to open a hole, a less leakage point (often due to an accident out openings), its price is cheaper than the price of two tables. So, both practical value of this table, have economic value. (Non-armored platinum thermal resistance)