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Scoop Thermometer

Detailed Product Description

Scoop Thermometers are used to test the temperature of bulk liquid in storage or transport. Conventional testing thermometer may be unsuitable in certain condition, while this kind of scoop thermometer can be merged into this special liquid, able to measure real temperature.

Scoop Thermometer
Name  Enclosed scale Solid-stem          Solid-stem
Model NO. JWM-1 JWM-2 JWM-3
Glass Insert Φ16mm Φ6.5mm L=305mm prismatic glass thermometer
Temperatue -10-110°C / °F      -15-45°C / °F -10-110°C/°F -15-45°C/°F (-10-120 / 20-240) °C / °F 
Scale range  1°C / °F  1°C / °F  1°C / °F
Fillings Blue, red organic liquid Blue, red organic liquid Blue, red organic liquid
Total length 315mm 325mm         250mm
Dia of the cup and Length Φ35mmx75mm 24mmx40mm  
Material brass brass Scale board :Stainless steel case :copper
Mainly application: Scoop thermometers are used to test the temperatures of bulk liquids in storage or transporting container.


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