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Industrial Glass Thermometer

Industrial Glass Thermometer can be used in gas engine of vessel, petrol or natural gas duct, heating or refrigerating equipment, accurately measurement for liquid. This kind of Industrial Glass Thermometer is strong and durable, with high resistance of concussion.

  • 7'' Industrial Adjustable Thermometer


    The main advantage of this adjustable thermometers lies in its readability and adjustment . The length of the case is 7". The PLASTIC FRONT PANEL , prismatic tube and white V-shaped metal scale board highly improve the visibility and beauty of it .

  • Scoop Thermometer

    Scoop Thermometer

    Scoop Thermometers are used to test the temperature of bulk liquid in storage or transport. Conventional testing thermometer may be unsuitable in certain condition, while this kind of scoop thermometer can be merged into this special liquid, able to measure real temperature.

  • V-shape Thermometer

    V-shape Thermometer

    V-shape thermometer:
    This kind of thermometer is mainly used in ships, pipelines and some heating or cooling facilities. It remains direct and accurate, and reliable and resistant to vibration.
    1. Structure: The thermometer is made of three parts: case, stem, glass insert
    2. Shape: straight, 90 Angle, 135 Angle
    3. Material: Aluminum die-casting
    4. Surface Treatment: polishing anodizing

  • 9'' Thermometer-JWU


    9" or 7" Thermometer-JWU can be cut into Adjustable Angle Glass Industrial Thermometer and Fixed Angle Glass Industrial Thermometer.
    1.Length of the thermometer case: 7”, 9”
    2.Structure: case, glass insert, stem, thermowell
    3.Material: Aluminum, carbon steel, brass, S304 stainless steel, SS316 stainless steel

  • Hot Water Thermometer(Plastic)

    Hot Water Thermometer(Plastic)

    The design of hot water thermometer comes from Europe and American, which is durable, economical and readable. It is mainly used in general hydronic application such as chilled and hot water lines and all small piping networks, especially fits for environment full of vibration.

  • Hot Water Thermometer(Enamel)

    Hot Water Thermometer(Enamel)

    Mainly used in general applications of aqueduct system, such as chilled and hot water pipelines and piplines system. It especially fits for environment full of vibration , Due to the different materials and construction.

  • Round Thermometer

    Round Thermometer

    1.Structure: Round glass thermometer is made of three parts: case, enclosed glass insert and connecting stem.
    2.Shape: On the base of shape, round glass thermometers has three kinds: straight, 90 centi degree, and 135 centi degree.